concrete construction

Concrete is a more rigid pavement than asphalt, which can be more advantageous in certain applications. Proper installation and design of concrete will insure the maximum life span and aesthetics of your project. The advantages of concrete are: longer life span, multiple finishes, longer maintenance intervals, and higher load bearing capacity (typically for direct heavy loads). Some of the disadvantages are higher front end cost, cracks in freezing temperatures, more costly repairs, and inability to resurface. We can evaluate your needs and budget to help you determine which type of surface will best suit you.

  • residential concrete
  • municipal concrete
  • commercial concrete
  • parking lot
  • driveways
  • concrete maintenance
  • concrete coatings
  • new construction
  • concrete repairs
  • curb and gutter
  • concrete cutting and removal
  • sidewalks
  • subdivisions
  • property management
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